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Respect Announcement

February 8, 2021

Kick off Respect Week with a respect announcement! The goal of your announcement is to encourage everyone to know their worth.

Remember: you have the right to set boundaries in your relationship. Love is respect –period. Everyone deserves a respectful and healthy relationship!

When we talk about our theme Know Your Worth, it’s important that you know this applies to you, and that you are worthy of being on the receiving end of respectful words, actions, and behavior!

Make your announcement with your own twist: I know my worth, and I am worthy of [respect, love, care, support, kindness, compassion,equality, honesty, a healthy relationship]!

Be sure to tell your friends that they are worthy too! Use this as an opportunity to let the people around you know that they are worthy. This could look like asking a teacher for a few moments before Zoom school starts to make an announcement, or sending a chatout to let everyone know they are worthy of healthy relationships.

You could take a few moments before a meal with your family remind them of their worth,text your group chat to let them know they are worthy, or make a sign to hang up in a window so all your neighbors can be reminded of their worth.

We want to remind ourselves, and everyone around us, that we are worthy of respect and love – and we know it!


February 8, 2021
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